When it comes to SENIOR LIVING we help with:

A free program for seniors and families in Ottawa & Area

When it comes to SENIOR HOUSING & ELDERCARE we are:

Ottawa’s most knowledgeable independent experts

When it comes to SENIOR LIVING we can help you:

Save time & make informed decisions

When it comes to SENIOR HOUSING we can help you:

Find the RIGHT Retirement Community

When it comes to SENIOR LIVING we can help you:

Find local resources & referrals for Aging in Place


Covid-19 is limiting access to Retirement Homes to essential visitors.
Solva is offering virtual tours for immediate needs placements.

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Let Solva be your guide when searching for Senior Housing & Eldercare options!

Our FREE program was created to help families like yours find local Senior Living options. Tap into our years of experience, while we help you make informed decisions.

At no cost to you and without any obligation - ever!

We can help you find the care you need:
• Retirement Home Search Assist
• Short Stay, Respite, Convalescent Care

• HomeCare, HomeMaking & Aging at Home

• Long Term Care Navigation

• Rapid Resources & Referrals


Let Solva Help You Find The Accommodations & Care You Need!

Are you looking for Long Term Care, Retirement Home, Assisted Living or just not sure…. Solva can help!

Let us help you save time and make informed decisions!

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Solva is a highly educational program. Our goal is to help you save time and make informed decisions.  Solva is the only free program where our advisors are NOT paid commission thus have no remunerative gain when recommending options.  


Christine started Solva in 2013 to allow seniors and families to tap into her 25+ years of seniors housing experience without having to pay consulting fees to get the advice they need to make informed decisions.


Our gentle holistic approach and mandate is to take the time to understand the whole situation.  To assess your individual needs with today and tomorrow in mind.  We then match and provide referrals based on needs, preferences, budget, and individual goals for aging.

Retirement Home Navigation

Since, 2013 Solva has been helping countless families learn, understand and navigate Retirement Homes, Assisted Living, and LTC right here in Ottawa… entirely for free!

What sets Solva apart:
Researching a retirement home, assisted living community or a long term care facility can be exceptionally time consuming and confusing. Gaining advice from a trusted advisor is always a good idea. However, knowing who you are talking to is even more important. What sets Solva apart you ask…

  • We are the ONLY navigation company where the advisor’s are ALL industry experts.
  • We are the ONLY free referral service where the advisors are NOT paid commission.
  • Our primary goal is educating you and helping you navigate.
  • We WILL offer you ALL the options, not just those that partner with us, without ever asking you to pay us or sign a contract.

Spend less time researching and more quality time with your aging loved ones.

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Solva: A year like no other

Solva: A year like no other

At Solva, we learned a lot about resiliency, about juggling work, children and home-schooling; about family and friends and hope and faith and support and about always doing the best we can, in the face of any circumstance.

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What our clients are saying..

Thank you again for everything you do with my patients, your involvement is always helpful and you have so much insight into the reality of the RH system, which I much appreciate. I look forward to working with you again. Social Worker at The Ottawa Hospital

What our clients are saying..

“Christine at Solva was so unbelievably knowledgeable. I learned so much from her about how retirement homes and long term care systems work. Ultimately I was able to make decisions quickly for my mom who was in the hospital. There is so much I did not know. When it comes to senior housing Christine is the best person to talk to!” Susan Balley

What our clients are saying..

“Navigating the world of retirement residences and long term care is daunting, especially since it usually comes at a time when so many things need to be considered, and quickly. Caroline directed me through these murky waters when I was looking for the best placements for aging friends. She had the answers at her fingertips and it seemed to me that she answered my questions almost before I asked them! She knew costs for services in various homes and the ins and outs of applying for government assistance. Caroline is professional, helpful, warm and caring. I would most certainly recommend Solva Senior Living to anyone who needs help in finding suitable accommodation for themselves or their family members.” Berni Conn

What our clients are saying..

“Christine’s passion and expertise in the retirement home sector has positioned her as Ottawa’s leader in helping seniors make informed decisions about housing and support needs. Her experience and knowledge set her far apart from others in the retirement home community and I would highly recommend her to those in need of finding a new place to call home.” Carol Willems

What our clients are saying..

“Solva Senior Living has and is helping my wife and I to work through the maze of housing and medical options out there now that we are seniors. A Very helpful,professional organization” Bernie M

What our clients are saying..

“Dear Christine, I wanted to say thank you so much to you and Caroline for all the help and assistance Solva gave me. Caroline was an enormous help in advising me, escorting me through the retirement homes, coming to the meeting with the QCH Social Worker, C3 ward and keeping my morale up when I was so exhausted, barely functioning brain capacity and entirely confused by the system. Caroline’s professional persona complemented by a very caring and insightful manner was a huge benefit to me whilst trying to navigate this system. She has a good understanding of the system, homes and care needs as well as being able to sift through the information I gave her verbally or written to get to the centre of the issue. It was enormously helpful to have her with me when I felt so lost at the homes and to help me get the answers I needed. Her dedication and kindness meant a lot to me and I would recommend your company’s services, and shall, to anyone I know in a similar situation. Please accept my gratitude and my family’s.” Caroline Kimsey

What our clients are saying..

“Good morning Caroline; I wanted to write to express how truly grateful I am for all of the help and advice you have given since we began this journey. You have always been so informed, patient and encouraging. Your professionalism and warm manner gave me comfort and encouragement as I embarked upon options for parental care. This is a particularly stressful time, adding COVID restrictions to the mix, but nonetheless you were always the calm in the storm and I am truly grateful. On behalf of myself and my family, I would highly recommend you and SOLVA to any family seeking options and advice. Thank you again” Ann Perron

What our clients are saying..

Dear Caroline,
You have been one of the best people I have seen and I have seen a lot through many years of business and working with the government. Everything you did for me was in my favour. You did things behind the scenes to help me and it was much appreciated. Unbelievable! My moves all went smoothly and you introduced other people to help who were excellent. Thank you again and I extend my best regards. F. Matuk

What our clients are saying..

Caroline is great to deal with, she shows compassion and empathy towards her clients which is very important to ensuring there is a “right fit”. Anonymous Ottawa Retirement Home Leasing Agent

What our clients are saying..

Couldn’t recommend Solva Senior living (especially Caroline Inman) more. We transitioned Dad (with dementia) from Quebec to Ontario and she provided great recommendations and considerations. Now, with Dad requiring more care, she is again assisting. I was skeptical about involving someone else, but I find Caroline gives very balanced and honest information to help us make informed choices. Couldn’t have done this without her! Danay Baker-Andresen

What our clients are saying..

It was a difficult moment to manage and Solva made the whole process less so. Caroline Inman helped us find the right spot for our parents and we’d deal with them again in a heartbeat.David Chartrand

What our clients are saying..

We used Solva Senior Living to find my father a home in the Ottawa region transitioning from Quebec this past May (2020). Super happy with the support provided by Caroline Inman during the process. She was extremely understanding, knowledgeable and fully appreciated our situation and my father’s particular needs. Highly recommend Solva Senior Living to anyone looking to find a home for their loved one. Jonathan Andresen

What our clients are saying..

Solva was a godsend! I was so overwhelmed with trying to be the caregiver to my mom while working while trying to figure everything out. The people at Solva are so incredibly knowledgeable and they make it so easy to understand. They are compassionate and caring. I asked so many questions and took a lot of their time over the course of a few months but in the end, my mom passed at home. Even though we never used the services or homes Solva recommended they never once charged me for their time and I could not thank them enough for the support they gave me. I would highly recommend them to anyone trying to find options, support, or advocacy for an aging loved one. M. Shaw

What our clients are saying..

Caroline I want to thank you. Your service was invaluable to us. I have not come across a better , knowledgeable and caring person. Will recommend your services to all of my parent’s friends. Thank you so much. Iwona Turlik, Virginia USA for parents in Ottawa

What our clients are saying..

Hi Caroline: Just a quick note to thank you for all your help and advice in assisting me to find a residence that would meet the physical and medical requirements for my wife after she was diagnosed with dementia. Your kind and caring assistance was much appreciated. Thanks again. Grant Phillips

What our clients are saying..

I was given a list of options by the hospital and called a couple of companies from the list. The reason I picked Solva was that it never felt like a sales pitch, they did not seem to care about money. Some of the other companies asked me for a credit card and to sign a contract. Christine just talked to me like she was an old friend. She talked to me a lot about the psychology of aging and helped me consider what my mom was going through. There was no agenda or sales pitch, she just told me how everything worked and help understand my options. I would recommend Solva to anyone with an aging parent. George Roberts