Long Term Care facilities are government regulated and operated differently than Retirement Homes. Long Term Care Facilities (Nursing Homes or Home for Aged) offer a co-payment model where the person pays for the accommodations and meals and the provincial government covers the care and services.

“While there are a variety of differences between LTC and Retirement Homes. In some cases the differences between LTC and Retirement Homes is money.” says Christine Forget, founder of Solva.

While there are other difference such as esthetics, atmosphere, accommodation types, assisted devices, and professional designation of the staff and/or staff:resident ratios. There are some retirement communities that offer heavier levels of care similar to LTC facilities but the individual pays for all the care and services. You must do due diligence to find truly comparable options but they are options that offer an alternative and more home-like environment than LTC.

“Retirement Homes can either present an alternative or a transitional option while waiting for a desired LTC facility of your choice.” says Christine Forget

Solva is the only Senior Living Counselling program with a background in LTC management and operations. However, Solva does not have a funding model to offer a free navigation program for LTC facilities. With that said, all the LTC documents, resources, public reports are available online, which we are always happy to share and point you in the right direction. There never is a cost to get some guidance from us!

Solva is always happy to provide a free coaching call over the phone or in our office on LTC options including providing you with HCCSS and/or community referrals for the admission process.

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