Aging in Place is a term used to describe a person living in the home of their choice, for as long as possible as they get older.

Often the home you’ve lived in happily and safely for many years is not always suitable for your needs in later life. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still remain there healthily and safely, but it can mean you’ll need to make some changes.

If you need help with:
- Personal Care
- Household Chores
- Meals
- Grocery Shopping
- Rides and accompaniments to Appointments
- Organizing, packing and moving
- Safety concerns at home
- Ergonomic renovations
- Finding activities and friends

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Benefits of Being Proactive

To be successful, you need a plan! And being proactive, rather than reactive is the best plan.

1 - Considering the future today is the best way to avoid a crisis tomorrow: making a plan, talking through with those who should be involved or informed means everyone is aware of your thoughts and wishes beforehand. This can improve family dynamics and maybe relieve tension because a plan is being executed.

2 - Save yourself time, stress and money:having to react when something happens nearly always costs more, means you’re often overwhelmed and therefore not thinking through properly or making knee jerk reactions.

3 - Make room for changes:planning ahead means there’s room for flexibility and changes. Reacting at the time of need often means choices and options are not there and you have to accept what is available at the time.

4 - See a bigger picture and understand long term goals: resolving issues ahead of time can alleviate anxiety and stress both for you as a senior or you as a family member. Being proactive also means you’re forward looking and preparing yourself for scenarios ahead.

5 - Get peace of mind:planning ahead and understanding what you want, how to get there and ways you will make it achievable will result in feelings of freedom, independence and confidence.
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