Founded in 2013, Solva Senior Living has grown to become a highly respected and knowledgeable counselling program, steeped in education, ethics, and strong values.

Before starting Solva, our founder spent more than 25 years in both the senior housing and Long Term Care industries and at one point oversaw 18 retirement residences as Regional Director and Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing for two of Canada’s largest senior housing corporations. She identified a need for seniors and their families to have the opportunity to access someone who is independent… someone ‘in the know’ within the retirement industry and sought a way to offer her own knowledge and expertise in an unbiased and proactive way. It was through her genuine desire to make the search and selection process as easy as possible, that Solva Senior Living was born.

In the past eight years, Solva has grown a sustainable business model that is based on extensive partnerships with more than 80 local senior living providers. Solva offers a truly unbiased counseling program and its team is made up of qualified professionals from the retirement, nursing and eldercare sectors to provide you with the very best in knowledge and experience.

What makes Solva unique?

Our founder has never once waiver on her original vision. As a pioneer in the Senior Housing Counselling program, she wanted to create a free service but also one that ensured an ethical approach. To our knowledge Solva is the only Counselling program that offers the following and she is proud that she is seen as the most knowledgeable in this sector.


Solva is completely independent of any one provider.  We represent you, not the retirement home or senior living provider.


Solva was created to offer the most impartial service available. We offer a free service as we are funded by local provider partners. Where have the largest network of provider partners here in Ottawa including some that are exclusive to us. Our partners include Retirement homes, Active Adult Communities, Seniors Apartments etc..

To the best of our knowledge we are the only Retirement Home Counselling program where our partners pay the same fair flat fee vs a percentage of one months rent.  This is important because the rental rates vary from community to community.  The range can be $2000-10,000) and if our partnerships with the providers were based on a percentage each one would be paying more than the other. Solva does not work that way.  Each retirement home partnership is the exact same amount not percentage. There literally is no remunerative gain for us to refer you to one vs the other.   


Our Advisors are not paid commission and do not have sales targets. To our knowledge we are again the only Retirement Home Counselling program where the Advisors are paid salary. Our team is instructed to help seniors and families navigate options no matter which ones they may be without obligation.
Let Solva be your guide when searching for Senior Living options!
Our complimentary program was created to help you find a local Retirement Residence or Aging in Place Service; at no cost to you and without any obligation - ever!