ONE of the biggest things to consider, plan for and appreciate as we retire is the need for a sense of purpose. It may be easy to think of or hope for no ‘to-do’ list but the realities of actually having nothing to do can be real. 

Therefore, even the smallest of hobbies and pursuing new or established interests can be integral to keeping both active, cognitively engaged and providing this ‘sense of purpose’. Prioritizing mental and physical health is something we as a generation are learning more about and understanding its importance on longevity and feeling good about ourselves.

Hobbies and interests that may have been somewhat on the backburner during working life can now be a main feature of your calendar, as can learning anything new. The old adage of “it’s never too late to learn or try” really is true, and with plenty of options for online learning as well as in person groups, mental, physical and emotional well being can all be supported based on what is best for you. Having hobbies can stave off boredom or loneliness, which in turn can have negative health effects.

What could this look like?

Volunteering – there are so many opportunities with volunteering which could align with already established interests, or something totally new. How about helping older seniors; visiting for activities or 1:1 support to a senior in LTC or at a residence? Municipal volunteering with elections, at a seniors centre, with youth services, in the arts, education or with animals? Volunteer Ottawa is a local non-profit that connects individuals with those organizations looking for help.

Joining A Seniors Group – might be stating the obvious but these centres across the city offer a tremendous amount of social programming, support, classes, trips and drives, as well as opportunities to be on their boards and direct strategy and planning.

Part time job – you’re officially retired from the ‘day job’ but that doesn’t mean a part time job isn’t possible, especially if it’s in an area of interest/hobby. How about in a florist, teaching a skill at an education centre, with food or baking, dog walking/sitting, in a retail environment? 

Connecting with likeminded people – from joining a book club to a walking group to yoga classes to wine tasting, there are many groups that you can connect with in person or online. With the reaches of the internet, you could be part of a Writers’ Circle in Italy or a bird tracking group from South America! And there could also be planned travel to meet new people or just experience new places, food and culture.

Learning a New Skill – maybe it’s a language, an art like painting or crochet, a musical instrument or something totally unique like shorthand! Perhaps it’s something much more simple like fully understanding Sudoku! Keeping your ‘brain trained’ is a bit of a buzzword right now, but again, super important for mental acuity, hand-eye coordination and concentration. 

Finally, don’t forget to  keep connected with friends and check in on those more vulnerable than you, with calls, in person or with letters and cards.

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