Silver Tech, the rise of technology for and used by seniors is here!

We strive for independence our whole lives; whether that’s getting our driver’s license at 16 or moving out for the first time.  As we age and our bodies and minds start to show decline, many seniors find themselves losing their independence. Here are some cool new tech products that are helping seniors stay at home longer and maintain their independence. 

1. Video Doorbells.  Running to the door when the doorbell rings is a thing of the past. New smart home technology now allows for video doorbells. These doorbells can be used as a security system (seeing who is ringing the bell) and also to remotely let people into your house.  An added advantage for seniors that cannot get up without assistance, is that with a click of a button, they can let their caregiver  into the house. Find some of the latest options here.

2. Smart Scales. Scales are no longer just measuring your weight! Smart scales can now measure a wide range of health metrics and it’s still as simple as stepping on the scale. The Withings Body Composition scale is particularly useful as it not only tracks weight, it also tracks body composition and heart rate. Data is sent to a smartphone, so family members or caregivers can have access to the information too.

3. Medication Dispensers. Medication management is one of the biggest reasons a senior may need to move to a retirement home. Medication dispensers have been around for years, and often don’t solve the main problem of timing of medication. There are now new products available that tackle this. You fill them up with your medications and they will dispense the exact pills at the right time. Smart sensors on these devices can also track if the medication has been removed and (hopefully) taken. One of the best rated devices on the market right now is MedaCube

4. Smart Toilet. Maybe not for the faint of heart, TrueLoo is a Smart toilet seat. TrueLoo scans the toilet after use to determine things like colour, size and volume of deposits and tracks this data over time using an app. It’s said that the best way to gauge your health is through what you expel. Although TrueLoo is currently not available for purchase it is being tested at several senior living facilities in the USA. 

5. Companion Robots. Elli-Q is a new innovative robot for seniors. ‘She’ sits in the corner of your room and is there to interact with occupants. Whether it’s through tips, reminders to connect with family, games or health reminders. And, she doesn’t wait for you to engage…. she will make the first move!

6. Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality has seen its popularity with video game enthusiasts, but it’s now becoming more popular than ever among seniors. With the hit of COVID-19 and social distancing a new norm, many seniors are looking into using virtual reality for different activities. From biking through the countryside to hanging out with friends on a patio. The experiences are endless with virtual reality. 

7. Medical Alert. A local Ottawa company, RedDot is continually bringing out innovative products for Ottawa seniors and those across Canada. RedDot Alerts currently provides interactive systems for both at home and on the go. For seniors that aren’t comfortable using a smartphone, an alert system is a great simple piece of technology. They have fall detection systems as well as GPS trackers in smart soles for shoes.

8. Steadi-one. Steadi-One is a hand stabilizing glove that reduces tremors in the hands of people with Parkinson’s or other essential tremors. The stabilizing technology could allow for a greater independence with small tasks like buttoning a shirt or eating a meal. Unfortunately, it has a high price tag so the device might not be for everyone. 

9. SmartPhone Apps. The number of apps on the market to help seniors is ever increasing. From tracking, to reminders, to connecting with others; there’ll be an app for that. Two apps that we like are Curovate and Google Maps-Remember Where You Parked. Curovate is a new app created during the pandemic to help provide rehabilitation programs during stay-at-home orders. The app provides a complete rehabilitation program for things like knee replacement and hip replacements. And the Google platform just keeps on giving! We love this ‘Remember Where You Parked’ feature through Google Maps. Check out how to use it here

10. Self Driving Cars. That’s right! Every year we’re getting closer and closer to completely autonomous cars. For seniors, autonomous cars can mean independence for longer. Remember when you got your driver’s license at 16? Now imagine having it removed at 80. With self driving cars and even self assisted driving cars more seniors may be able to drive later into their life.  

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