The search for the perfect senior living accommodations can be a challenging and complicated process and for many it’s their first time doing it.

Many people don’t plan for a search for senior living until it’s needed. For many, guidance on what to do and where to look comes from friends and family that have done it previously. Even with their advice, the process can be overwhelming and exhausting. Small mistakes and misguidance from the best intended friends can lead to unfavourable outcomes and the possibility of needing another move. 

  1. Waiting too long to start looking. There aren’t many of us who are proactive with everything in life, and looking for seniors housing ahead of time usually doesn’t top the list. For many, the thought of moving to a seniors community only crosses their mind during times of struggle or when a major life altering illness arises. Unfortunately, it’s then much more difficult to make informed, rational decisions when under intense stress. Waiting too long to start looking for a senior residence can lead to impulse decision making and/or someone making the decision for you. 
  2. Not asking the right questions.  It is often someone’s first time looking for a retirement home and just like any industry unless you’re in it, it’s hard to follow what all the terminology and acronyms mean. Asking questions is important to get the information but not knowing what to ask and not being able to decipher what the answers mean can be difficult. 
  3. Putting aesthetics over the feel. In Ottawa alone there is a large range of different looking residences from newly built luxury homes to 60 year old small, family run offerings. It’s hard to tell by aesthetics alone what the quality of the residence is like. When it comes down to the quality of living and care, the look of something should always be second to how the care is provided and the role of the staff and management in delivering that care and service. 
  4. Not doing a cost comparison. It’s not always ‘apples to apples’ in retirement homes and the offering is also entirely different to a traditional rental.  Unlike with those, renting a unit at a senior living residence has many components factored into the pricing. How each place lays out their pricing and the inclusions offered, can vary greatly. Another important factor to consider is both the cost right now and what the cost in the future will look like. 

Want to avoid making these mistakes? Call us at Solva Senior Living where we’re  more than happy to provide guidance and support through your senior living search to help you avoid making these and other common mistakes.