Whether you choose to move or you have to move, it is never an easy process. Moving to senior living during a pandemic with ever changing rules can be even more challenging. In many regions across the country, the near future is uncertain. If you’re making a move soon, here are some things to consider no matter what colour zone your region is in. 

One. You might not be able to physically visit your new home until move in day. Whether your next move is to a retirement residence, Long Term Care facility or seniors apartment, you might not get a chance to visit your new home before moving in. Most residences are offering virtual tours which can be very helpful to see the space and get a feel for the surroundings. Many still will prefer a virtual tour first but invite you in subsequently to show you the suite options. Touring common spaces or having a complimentary meal is not usually allowed right now.

Two. A 14 day quarantine is usually required. Sounds a bit scary right? Yes, it is not ideal but many residences will do their best to cater to your needs and provide you with everything you need. Try setting up some Zoom dates with friends and family, bring some good books and when all else fails, find a good series on Netflix!

Three. Services are still available, they just might look a bit different. All the typical services that you would need for a move are still up and running, they might just have employees taking extra safety precautions. Services such as movers, packers, home care, senior housing advisors and many more are still available and happy to help you. 

Four. Support from family and friends may be from a distance. We’ve still got to respect the six feet distance rule, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help out friends and family. If you’re particularly worried about an essential family or friend that is a big help for you they might be able to get closer. Essential caregivers are still allowed into the residences, and at some places even during the 14 day quarantine. 

Five. There is an end in sight. It may feel like this pandemic has dragged on forever but there is an end in sight. With seniors and those  living in senior housing being the first to receive vaccines, we can only hope that life will return to normal soon. It’s important to remember that wherever you move, you’ll soon get to enjoy all the benefits. 

Nervous about making the move or have questions about your next move? Connect with us at Solva Senior Living, for free, and let us guide and support you through the whole process.

Next Steps?
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We provide the following free services:

1 – Rapid Resources & Referrals.
2 – In Person Visits (Zoom calls or phone chats right now unfortunately as we all socially distance).
3 – Arrange and Escort on Tours (again, we can provide virtual tours and presentations or get pictures of specific accommodations and living areas sent to you).
4 – Advocacy during the selection and move in process.
5 – Resources for additional services.