There has been a trend over the last decade with an increased number of seniors choosing to move to independent living at a retirement home or senior building. 

With the increased number of retirement homes throughout Ontario over the last 10 years it’s natural to have some curiosity as to who is moving into them.  Most newer residences offer about 50% of their suites as assisted living or memory care and the other 50% as independent living. It’s obvious who is moving and needing assisted living and memory care but what is less obvious is who is moving into independent living and why. 

Through our many years of experience in retirement living we’ve come across many stories and various different motives for a move. Here are the top five most common reasons independent seniors are choosing to do so;

1. Social Isolation: moving to a retirement home can open up many opportunities for social interactions. Most homes offer a variety of different activities throughout the day and many seniors find rewarding volunteer opportunities while living there. Not only are there opportunities for planned socialising, there are also opportunities for unplanned things such as meeting a neighbour down at the bistro or bar or enjoying the outside space by going for a walk in the grounds with another.


2. Carefree Lifestyle: managing a home can be time consuming and exhausting. Even if you bring service professionals in you still need to oversee the calendar, ensure qualified work is done and finally sort out the payments. Carefree living means not having to worry about all the small tasks that are required to manage a home. 


3. Meals: At retirement homes you can have between one meal and three meals prepared for you daily, along with snacks and beverages. Having just one meal a day provided for you can help alleviate a lot of the stress that goes along with menu planning, purchasing and preparing food. Meal time is also an opportunity to meet new people and socialise. As well, if you’re managing a disease through diet, having support with meal preparation can help to ensure diet requirements are met. 


4. Zero Maintenance: If you’ve ever owned a home you know all the work that goes into maintaining it. From the daily chores to keep it tidy and clean to the major yearly projects that require a lot of planning and work. No house is ever maintenance free as often even daily maintenance can get tiring as you age. Living in a rental and retirement home you will never have to worry about maintenance as there is a specific team member that is solely responsible for it. 


5. Planning Ahead for the Future: a bigger trend that has emerged over the past few years is the desire to move before you need it. More and more seniors are seeking out retirement homes while they are still healthy and active with the intention of moving in and settling before needing the care services to allow for a smoother transition. 

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